Introducing Karina Tohme: Interning at GREN

Dear GREN Community,

My name is Karina Tohme, I’m 24 years old, and my passion for growth, intertwined with my background, serves as a driving force for my beliefs on sustainability, believing that by reshaping perspectives, everyone can create positive change on a global scale. As an intern at GREN, my strong drive for personal and professional development, alongside my deeply rooted heritage, has motivated me to contribute to GREN’s sustainability mission and further refine my skills in grant writing, fundraising strategies, and gain comprehensive insight into sustainable business operations. My focus will be to educate myself and others on sustainable practices, develop functional databases, and craft impactful statements to address issues in the community. From a very young age, fashion has been a canvas for self-expression, whether it meant twirling like Cinderella or borrowing my mom’s heels to stage my own runway show. Now, as I mature, my fashion journey has evolved into a more sustainable pursuit, and I’m excited to collaborate together, embracing the challenge to create a more sustainable future.

As the daughter of two Lebanese immigrants, I am deeply connected to my heritage, which serves as the main source of pride and inspiration in my life. In Lebanese culture, resourcefulness is a way of life where every item is valued for its longevity and ability to be repurposed. My family has instilled in me the importance of quality over quantity, emphasising the value of investing in items that stand the test of time. Likewise, my personal style evolves and continues to reflect my unique background by also promoting this same idea. The early lessons passed down from generations have taught me that sustainability isn’t just about reducing waste; it’s about reimagining our relationship with the things we consume, prioritising hand-made work, durability, and mindful spending. Recently, I’ve come to appreciate the value of sustainable clothing, frequently going to new thrift shops to hunt for unique high-quality finds. Beyond this, I am passionate about nurturing my well-being, finding joy and reward in embracing an active lifestyle. As a former athlete, I have deep-rooted determination, discipline, and persistence, thriving on consistently rising above challenges and meeting them head-on. Now, as I begin my internship at GREN, I am excited to infuse every one of these values I’ve learned along the way into every project I work on and use them to drive positive change in the sustainable clothing industry and beyond. 

Driven by a relentless pursuit to further my education and deepen my understanding, I’ve recently delved into the realm of data analytics, earning certifications in Excel, Tableau, Pivot Tables, and SQL. As I delve deeper into this field, I am motivated to leverage my skills to effect positive change within GREN. Data is a powerful tool in understanding the present connections between consumer behaviour, environmental impact, and ethical sourcing practices. Analysing data isn’t just about the numbers; it uncovers trends, identifies areas for improvement, and drives decision-making toward more sustainable practices that align with GREN’s mission.

Now, interning at GREN, I carry my family’s wisdom, acquired technical skills, and a commitment to collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a vision for a more sustainable and equitable world. Being part of GREN means being part of a community dedicated to driving positive change. Drawing from my experience, I strongly believe that teamwork produces significant results. Leading by example, I invite you to join me in connecting, where we can exchange ideas, insights, and support each other as we work towards our shared goals.


Karina T.

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